Rules and Regulations

Tamworth Cycling Club
2019 Code of Conduct

All club members must READ and ADHERE TO the Club’s Code of Conduct.

Following the Code of Conduct means that you help Tamworth Cycling Club have a good name within the local community and give cyclists as a whole more respect from the general public.

Tamworth Cycling Club
2019 Constitutuion

The constitution details how the Club is run and official processes which must be adhered to.

Reading the Constitution may answer a good many questions you may have about the club, so it is worth a read through.

The Highway Code
Rules for Cyclists

Rules for cyclists, including an overview, road junctions, roundabouts and crossing the road.

The Highway Code
Rules for Motorists

Rules for road users requiring extra care, including pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists, other road users and other vehicles.

The Highway Code
Rules for motorists – Overtaking

Rules for motorists using the road, including overtaking.

Cars and Bikes sharing the road

Advice from the AA on how to stay safe, be seen and be aware.